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Realising value

We help businesses to improve value and realise value.


Realisation of value requires careful strategic planning,

engagement with potential investors, financiers and debt providers.


We help to develop comprehensive strategy and operational plans

in order to deliver tangible results. 

Benefit from our deep experience and expertise

We can help you with your:

  • Business Planning and strategic options analysis

  • Identifying profitability and value growth drivers

  • Exit strategy advice for owners and investors

  • Equity attraction

  • Market research

  • Tactical advice on complex strategic decisions

We can assist you to understand and communicate your financial position to key stakeholders, media and regulators. 

We will analyse your business in detail and determine the critical issues you need to address in order to identify focused business growth strategies that are guaranteed to drive the business forward to achieve greater success. 

We help you through challenging financial and business transactions. 

You can only achieve maximum value through meticulous planning, preparation and execution, so that your story, your value proposition can be communicated with clarity and authority.

We critically examine the investment thesis behind each transaction to ensure that the transactions truly match your objectives and will deliver the positive value outcomes you seek. 

Contour Value provides our clients with:

  • Advice in relation to the overall approach to a proposed transaction, including strategy and negotiation tactics and deal management

  • Assistance in putting together a team of professional advisers and then in the hands-on management of those advisers

  • Independent valuation and pricing advice

  • Identification of the universe of potential buyers / investors

  • Assistance with the planning, co-ordination and conduct of due diligence procedures

  • Advice on the optimal financial and commercial structuring of potential deals

  • Advice on investor and stakeholder communication

  • Oversight and input to the production of transaction documents

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