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Melanie Santiago

Communications Manager


Melanie Santiago

Communications and Media Specialist

With more than 10 years experience as a communications and media specialist, Melanie is utterly passionate and committed in corporate branding and profiling, advertising, media communication strategies and business development. Melanie assists in developing the business strategy for Contour Capital and our clients in the design of communications and marketing collateral to facilitate mergers, acquisitions and divestments and growth agendas of our clients. Melanie has worked with many companies to improve their communications strategies and effectiveness.

With experience advising companies across a wide range of industries including resources, infrastructure, agriculture, Government, retail as well as community-based organisations, Melanie has helped many companies solve their communications challenges.


From supporting the design and effective exploitation of website and social media, through newsletters, corporate videos, training videos etc. Melanie ensures that effective communications strategies are embedded in the operations of our clients and in the effective roll out of the benefits of our services to your key stakeholders including employees, media, investors, regulatory authorities and Government. She brings stron organisational and creative skills to our clients.


Melanie is also the founder and Managing Director of Contour Media ( and has extensive experience and qualifications in film and television, communications and the arts and holds a BSc in psychology.

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