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A warm welcome to WA Chinese Consul General Dong Zhihua

Yesterday evening's official welcome reception for Chinese Consul General Dong Zhihua was characterised by a warmth and positivity that is a beacon of hope against the frosty backdrop of federal and global geopolitics.

Following on from an upbeat and engaging welcome from Premier Mark McGowan, which highlighted that fully a quarter of the WA economy is dependent upon our trade with China, Consul General Dong spoke of the significant opportunities to grow our relationship including in the education and tourism sectors.

Friendship fuelled by regular and genuine engagement is the lifeblood of a win-win mutually beneficial relationship.

Events like yesterday evening provide hope. Premier McGowan during his two years in office has not only visited China three times on official business but, perhaps more importantly, has also vacationed there.

This is a terrific example for all WA business leaders to step up engagement with our most important economic partner. On the evidence of last night, the warmth in the WA/China bilateral relationship will open up new avenues of collaboration and will yield exciting opportunities for Western Australians through direct engagement. It is in our hands.

Well done ACBC and CCCA.

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